Amazing facts about fire doors

Fire doors help compartmentalize a fire, because they are made from fire-resistant materials. Fire-resistant materials slow the spread of fire and smoke to enable occupants to get out.

Fire doors are constructed from materials designed to resist fire for a certain amount of time. So it is usually not possible to “convert” a normal door into fire door.

The most common types are wooden fire doors with either 30 or 60 minute fire resistance. However, some specialist doors are capable of resisting fire for for hours.

Fire doors usually have signs in the from of a blue circle containing white text, most commonly saying “fire door keep shut”. These signs are mandatory and identify fire doors with a building.

Intumescent materials are designed to swell and enlarge when exposed to heat, thereby sealing any gaps in and around a fire door, blocking the path of the fire. Intumescent fire seals are required around the edge of the door. They can be applied to the frame as well.